Bonnie Quinn

I am a writer that posts a lot of short stories and series on Reddit's r/nosleep subreddit. I also have a handful of self-published books available.

I post a lot of my stories on Reddit's /r/nosleep subreddit. My account can be found here, or my stories are listed in chronological order below.

Single Part Stories


We're in the wrong Chicago

1 - 2 - Final Part

I'm standing watch over a man's dead daughter

1 - 2 - Final Part

My anger was surgically removed

1 - 2 - 3

How to survive camping

They say there's leeches in the lake

1 - Final Part

I'm a proxy for nosleep stories

1 - 2 - 3


Card #235 - Card #247

I figured out how to avoid dying

1 - 2 - Final Part

Someone ate the contents of my grocery store

1 - 2 - Final Part

In case I don't come back

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - Final Part

I want to also showcase all the wonderful videos that various narrators have made using my stories.

I was born 12 minutes after midnight

Don't look at the man wrapped in plastic

I was born 12 minutes after midnight

My neighbor is using power tools past 10 am

Don't look at a man wrapped in plastic

I went searching for a tree covered in moths

The world was dust

The wind comes from the wrong direction

How to survive camping

I was switched at birth

Stay out of abandoned buildings

I saved a white snake

We've been stealing from the dead woman in the woods

I have to kill my ideas before they hurt anyone else

I figured out how to avoid dying

Please stop killing spiders

I sometimes self-publish books.

How To Survive Camping

Every year, campground manager Kate sends out a pamphlet titled “How to Survive Your Camping Experience.” In it is a list of rules to help campers have an enjoyable experience and hopefully survive any encounters with the campground’s… other… inhabitants.This book is the collected edition of a series of posts from Reddit’s r/nosleep subreddit, containing the four major storylines of “How to Survive Camping”. It is largely unaltered, with only minor edits for readability in print form.

Renfield's Clock

Erin cannot use magic in a world where everyone can. The consequences are significant: she doesn’t qualify for certain jobs, she has to take daily medication, and it makes her uniquely vulnerable to the perils of a world of magic, blind to threats that can lurk in innocuous things.Such as a clock left on her doorstep.Inside is Renfield, an imprisoned demon. In order to save herself, Erin makes a bargain - the demon is allowed possession of her body in exchange for sparing her life. Wherever she goes, Renfield goes with her. Unfortunately, demonic possession is not easily overlooked, and Erin quickly loses both her friends and her job. Her only source of income is the occasional freelance job from the police department when a magical incident is too dangerous for their certified mages.Erin may not be able to use magic, but Renfield can while he is in control of her body, and the demon is very good at killing things.Their current assignment is a failed ritual which covered a house with blood and left behind no trace of the participant’s bodies. Worse, the friends and family of those involved are being systematically wiped out in terrifying ways. As Renfield and Erin struggle to catch up to the killer, they find evidence that the killer has connections to the demon world. Renfield’s history has come back for him and now this case is no longer a means of income, but something deeply personal for Renfield... and deeply dangerous for an increasingly reluctant Erin.

Mortal Gods

In the modern era, a small and scattered group of people have – for reasons unknown – found they have the ability to reshape reality simply by willing it so. They have become known as gods. Among them is Loki, once a woman, now a genderless creation of its own with no ties to its past life, no obligations, and no sense of consequences to its actions.For almost twenty years now, the mortals and gods have lived in relative peace, with a small handful of gods attempting to keep some measure of order among themselves. Loki is one of their number, and when a series of strange events point towards divine power, it is tasked with investigating the source. Loki is quickly pulled into a web of conspiracy between groups of gods and mortals, all striving to dictate how humanity will progress. And caught in the middle is Loki, named by prophecy that it will be the catalyst that leaves the world forever changed.

Griffin's Fall

There have been four griffins in the history of Griffinsfall, and each have fought and died to protect their city. At age thirteen, Nia is marked as the fifth.Once a year, all the children are taken to the foundry and metal is poured into their palms. The coin that results bears the mark of an animal - the imprint of their soul. Nia's is a golden griffin, signifying that she can transform into her animal and dooming her to be a portent of war.Seized by the king's agent, she is brought to the castle to become a ward of the crown. There, she finds the people she once admired would use her for their own purposes. There is her former master, who would use her to further the safety of his guild, and there is the King and Queen, who would use her to demonstrate Griffinsfall's strength to their enemies. Naive and timid, Nia is poorly suited to this world of politics and she realizes that not knowing who to trust will get her killed. As mysterious deaths in the city point to a traitor within the walls, it's apparent that a griffin will be needed soon - but there is more to being a gold than simply having a coin, and while Nia is terrified of the beast buried inside her, she will have find a way to control it through any means available.For what good is a griffin that can't transform?